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Slovenian citizenship with Public Investments Solutions, customer reviews 

Slovenian citizenship by repatriation with the help of Public Investments Solutions, customer reviews

Slovenia is a country with a great economy level, high ecological standards, big opportunities to grow up as a specialist at the most popular companies in the world. The life in that country, according to the reviews of the residents, is calm, and beneficial for many. For immigration purposes, Public Investments Solutions can take from the applicants all the bureaucratic matters, and simplify the procedure of acquiring passport. How exactly the immigration can be managed easily, and without large efforts, you will find below, as well as the reviews about the lawyers.

Posible ways of obtaining passport of Slovenia

Slovenian passport can be achieved in many ways, but the most popular one is repatriation. The reason for that is a fast process of obtaining EU citizenship, and the chance to avoid the exam of history, language and culture of Slovenia. To use that procedure, the applicant should prove his/her ethnicity by the specific documentation, Public Investments Solutions can help to search for it and prepare all the papers, if it is needed.

To get Slovenian citizenship by naturalization, you will need to spend at least 10 years in the state, and pass the challenging exam. Of course, you can shorten your time of registration, if you immigrate on a marriage ground. However, it will still take a few years, and that is why, a lot of people marked in their reviews this method as an inconvenient one.

Another popular procedure of acquiring citizenship is investment. To become an EU resident by that process, you should contribute in the activity of the company in the country. You and your family will receive a permanent residence permit only after 5 years of residence in the country and after providing evidence that the company is still operating. Slovenian citizenship can be achieved within 10 years of residency in the country.

How exactly Public Investments Solutions helps immigrants

Obtaining passport with a simple process and can be managed in 4 steps, such as:

  1. Collecting the person’s case;
  2. Submitting the documents to Upravna Enota;
  3. Passing the oath-taking ceremony;
  4. Registering Slovenian ID-card.

Nevertheless, the lawyers’ assistance is a big support, because of the guarantees they undertake to the clients. For example, the immigrants can be sure in correctly prepared the documents, and the fact, that they will be submitted to Upravna Enota on time. Moreover, the immigrants can be calm about confidentiality of their personal case, and meticulously created immigration plan. Handling all the immigration way on their own may be challenging, so to achieve the final result without issues, it is better to ask for Public Investments Solutions’s help.

Necessary documents

The applicant should follow all the rules to succeed in the procedure of obtaining Slovenian passport. The documents, which the applicant will need are listed below:

  • International passport and ID card;
  • Photos (with a specific size);
  • Proof of Slovenian ethnicity (the baptismal certificate, birth certificate, extract from metric books).

In case the client does not have all the necessary certificates, the lawyers will help immigrants to search for them in the repositories.

Customer reviews

Reviews on the Internet show us the real picture about PIS’s assistance. As it was mentioned in some of them, lawyers provide the clients with the consultations online, that makes the cooperation easier and does not require attendance from them while solving the appeared nuances. Moreover, to start working with Public Investments Solutions everyone should sign the agreement and follow the list of requirements. In accordance with the reviews, Public Investments Solutions represents expertise and the cold mind in solving unexpected issues.

Conclusion according to reviews

Immigration is the process which can change one’s life for better in a short period of time. However, to make sure that your repatriation process runs smoothly, you should ask for the lawyers’ support. Public Investments Solutions appears to be a great option in immigration deeds. Do not hesitate to start your European life today without great efforts.