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Revitalize Your Workplace: 7 Steps to Giving Your Office a Makeover

Photo by Arlington Research on Unsplash

Several recent employee surveys found that most workers aren’t happy in the office. Long commutes and sitting in uncomfortable furniture all day are only some reasons many want to work from home. Their increased stress, anxiety, and burnout disrupt their mental health and work-life balance, making them seek more convenient and flexible options.

If a remote or hybrid model doesn’t work for your business, you can reimagine your workplace to inspire employees, make them excited to come to the office, and prevent them from jumping ship.

Here’s how to give your office a makeover and boost employee motivation, satisfaction, morale, and productivity.

1.   Change the layout

Changing your office layout is an excellent way to increase productivity, team communication, and collaboration. Redesigning it to allow seamless employee interaction will also boost morale.

The key is to design collaborative spaces and ensure an uninterrupted traffic flow. Consider which workers must be near each other to complete tasks and projects quickly while leaving enough room to move around freely.

An open floor plan might be your best bet for better collaboration, organization, flexibility, agility, and culture. It’s also the best design for growing teams, allowing you to rearrange it as you add more people to your payroll.

2.   Invest in high-quality furniture

Office furniture plays a significant role in employee engagement and productivity. No one enjoys sitting in an uncomfortable chair for eight hours daily, struggling with neck and back pain and fatigue.

Invest in high-quality ergonomic desks and chairs to improve your employee’s health; higher productivity and job satisfaction will follow.

Follow the old adage “out with the old, in with the new” during your office cleaning and redesign. If any furniture piece is worn out, uncomfortable, looks outdated, and isn’t ergonomic, it’s time to upgrade it and give your workplace a refreshing look and feel.

3.   Install lighting for employee productivity

Offices often have fluorescent lighting, which can be too harsh on the eyes. It can cause blurred vision and eye strain in your employees, leading to headaches, fatigue, and a productivity drop.

Replacing your traditional bulbs with LED lights will prevent that. They’re also energy-efficient and will significantly cut your monthly electricity bills.

Skylights are an even better solution. They’ll allow more natural light to enter the space and brighten the office and every employee’s mood.

Moving desks closer to windows will do the trick if your office is in a tall building and not on the top floor.

4.   Add motivational artwork

Sprucing up your office with artwork is an excellent way to improve your office environment. Whether you choose famous paintings’ replicas, custom art pieces, or images with motivational messages, they’ll inspire your team, elevate mood, and supercharge performance.

Office artwork can reignite creativity and motivate employees to go the extra mile to complete their tasks and contribute to company growth.

Whether they pass by a commercial mural or a motivational poster multiple times a day, they’ll create inner mantras and work better in a visually pleasing space that brightens their day.

5.   Create breakout areas and quiet zones

Does your office space have a breakout area? If not, your employees might be missing out. Where do they eat lunch, recharge their batteries, and catch up with colleagues? Are they stuck at their desks?

A dedicated breakout area will help your workers switch off, lower stress, and return to daily tasks refreshed and ready to take on any challenge. It will give them a change of scenery, inspire creativity, and improve team relationships.

The same goes for quiet zones or focus rooms. They allow employees to reflect and let their creative juices flow away from the noise and other distractions.

6.   Update your office color palette

Color psychology should be top of mind when revitalizing your workplace. Colors can influence mood, affect human behavior, and trigger emotional responses.

For instance, the blue side of the spectrum is relaxing and soothing, while the orange color is energizing and stimulates creativity.

Refresh your office walls with inspiring colors that create a warm, comfortable atmosphere, making everyone feel at home. You don’t have to choose one; mix it up with a few options to motivate your team.

Don’t forget to match your office color palette with your furniture, art pieces, and decorations. Everything should look cohesive and visually pleasing, not drawing attention from daily tasks.

7.   Bring nature inside

Indoor plants are a fantastic addition to your office. They increase oxygen levels, reduce dust, and absorb noise, helping employees breathe cleaner air and boost productivity.

You have many options for implementing office greenery. Besides potted plants, you can install a green wall to give your workplace a biophilic vibe that doesn’t stop inspiring.

Don’t stop at plants and green walls. Bamboo and unpainted wood are excellent options for bringing more nature into your office. You’ll give it a more pleasant touch and create a soothing atmosphere.


Revitalizing your workplace doesn’t need to include a complete redesign; even minor adjustments can make a significant difference. The key is to strike a balance between functionality and style to make the space look and feel welcoming and inspiring.