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Beautiful flowers and cakes combo ideas to gift your beloved

Flowers are the most essential part of a celebration. Whatever that celebration is about , it will always be incomplete without flowers whether you use artificial flowers or natural flowers. Apart from decoration, flowers are found in other uses in our life. We also use them for ornamentation, eating, cosmetics etc. When there are two things in any function that you are about to attend or maybe about to host the flowers and the cake. The flowers define your class and your knowledge the kind of or that you want to present at the host aur maybe if you are taking flowers for someone then the kind of wishes you want to express as a guest the other thing that combines itself with flowers are the cakes. Whether you love the sweet cakes or the diet ones. From olden times cakes are found used in all kinds of occasions in our life such as weddings, funerals , Anniversary New Year Christmas and many others.  So when it comes to any location where you have to to wish your loved ones or your beloved with then flowers and cakes make up for the best possible combinations. Below you can find some amazing romantic as well as flower and cake combinations for various occasions –

1)For Congulatory Purposes –

There are several employees in your company that have worked hard and smart over the years but only some of them were able to achieve perfection and success in their work. So below are the flowers and cakes combinations for your top notch employees –

1) Red roses with dark chocolate cake – Many meanings that can be drawn out of Red Roses but when especially giving it to someone aise congratulation re bouquet it will symbolise courage and respect. When added alongside chocolate cake this would be a perfect combination of taste and class..

2) Yellow roses and pineapple cake

Because of its brightness yellow roses symbolise new beginnings and welcoming someone back. Hence if any of your employees are coming back or maybe after the lockdown on restarting your company then yellow roses are just a perfect option for you. And to delight this occasion you’ve the equally bright and tasteful pineapple cake.

3) Peach roses and Vanilla fruit cake – Next combo that you can consider when you want to give your loved ones a great surprise is to add peach colored roses, alongside a beautiful vanilla fruit cake to complete their day. Peach roses signify your appreciation, get together and close the deal together. All these events require beautifully boxed roses.

2) For Marriage purposes

Quite often there are last minute weddings and you can’t just think of any gift that you could purchase or maybe you’ve already purchased the gift and yet you feel like it’s incomplete, this is that time where you can without any doubt you can send flowers to Kolkata or just purchase any cake and flower combination to surprise them with some extra sweetness on their wedding day. Let us look at some amazing wedding cakes and flowers that are very daring for any wedding –

1)      Pink Champagne Cake and Black Boxed Red Roses

Pink champagne is quite often made from pink champagne, but it may also be made from pink champagne essence, so even if you order it last minute it’ll be delivered without any issues. Combined with the cake you can add black boxed red roses and in fact as a memory you can give them waxed red roses that remain fresh up to and year, and this way your red roses would outstand others.

2)      White lilies and Purple Orchids

White lilies stand for virtues and purple orchids for royalty, dignity, admiration, respect. All the things that are a part of marriage. When we combine these two together, they represent humility and mutual respect. Such flowers in a round box would look graceful for a wedding and as far as cakes are concerned you can go with a royal iced off white vanilla fruit cake.

3)    For just being sorry

Many emotions hit our mind every now and then but instead of accepting them we just ignore them until they become a bad dream for all of us. Or quite often you had time to watch things on the internet and yet you kept ignoring your loved ones, well all I can say is that lockdown has given us a chance to restore our lost relationships if we only realize that then saying sorry to someone would just be a simple task. So in order to say sorry all you need are some good flowers and cake to appeal to your beloved’s senses. Without any delay let’s check out the best combinations that you can share with them along with your apology –

1)     3 tier hidden message cake with tulips

Tulips represent forgiveness, peace, humility and new beginnings, and indeed with such a variety of species, when added alongside a cake with hidden apology, you can send tulips online which will definitely impress your partner and you might have just taken a good step towards each other.

2)  White Carnations and Fondant Cake – Gift box patterned

A gift box patterned cake would be just the perfect cake as it can be given in any season. The best apology for your friend or loved ones is your realization and cake to your friend is this white carnation bouquet, well if not a complete apology but at least this can be a good start of your new with you beloved, after all, all it takes is a small gesture to overcome your fear and face your reality. White carnations symbolize purity in its best sense and that’s what should be reflected in your apology and not extravagance and pompousness.

In conclusion all that can be said is that although as human beings we’ve given several occasions to flowers, if we look at them naturally then all of them can be used in several occasions without considering their meanings, and keeping in mind the fact that these flowers are for your loved ones.