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Things to keep in mind while writing a book: A comprehensive guide for beginners.

There is a writer in each of us. We have always wanted to write a book at some point in our lives. But the lack of sufficient information, resources, and motivation always drive us back. Writing has its pitfalls and challenges. Even if we may take a step forward we always end up giving up on the editing part. If writing has been your long life dream, this article will give you a complete insight on how to publish your first book. Before initiating the writing process you must undergo a few tips to keep yourself focused. Here are some successful foundations listed that you need to build before you unlock your creativity.


Always think before you say, the same applies to writing. Think about the aspects of your book which include title, genre, character, audience, outline, writing style, format, and the list goes on. Always have a plan first because it facilitates productivity.

Set up a writing space

Set up a productive space where you can meditate peacefully and bring ideas within your pen. Your surrounding plays a vital part in your creative thinking. Working in a relaxed, peaceful, and less noisy environment saves you from distraction.

Maintain a healthy routine

It helps you achieve your goals more accurately. A stressful lifestyle can leave us mentally and emotionally disturbed which can affect our brain functioning. Set up a healthy routine and a proper schedule to write when you feel the most productive.

Catch reader’s attention

People nowadays have a short attention span where they don’t like to turn the leaves i.e. pages. Hence, grabbing the reader’s attention becomes a challenging task. Try adopting the listed ideas to overcome this problem:

  • Begin your story with something intriguing and unexpected, it will keep the readers involved till the end.
  • Initiate with some unexplained action, this will build a reader’s curiosity to know the reasons.
  • Put in some sensory imageries, to make the narrative interesting.

Outline your book

Outlining and sectioning your book gives you an insight into what each section will include. Make proper titles, introduction, description, chapter, notes, glossary, author-bio, forewords, testimonials, etc. Have a proper beginning, middle, and end.

Have a proper book cover

Make it compelling and creative because it is the first thing through which the readers judge any book. There are numerous freelance graphic designers out there who can do this task for you.

Begin drafting

Begin writing without thinking about the errors and flow out the ideas into the paper.

Writing tools

Try these tools for error-free and effective writing. For example Hemingway, Google docs, Grammarly, etc


There is always an idea behind everything. If you don’t have a good idea you can’t write a good book. Idea provides you with a complete insight regarding what your book will be.

Set a word count

It helps you to write more effectively and to the point.

Keep track

Plan your work schedule and track your daily progress, it will enable you to maintain your routine more effectively.

Fight writer’s block

We always find ourselves in a situation where we run out of energy and ideas. There are ways to overcome it. To name a few, do editing, at last, take a short break, write one chapter at a time, change your setting, get creative inspirations from elsewhere.


Writing a book is time-consuming and requires more planning. In this regard, research plays a crucial part. Once you have an idea, get started with your research. Below are the various aspects you should be researching about:

SETTING: time and space your story is set in.

GENRE: Choose a good genre that is mostly read and can grab people’s attention for example poetry, fiction, nonfiction, mysteries, romance, drama, etc.

TOPIC: Search what content already exists and is doing well.

PLOT: the plot is a storyline where each element and action follows the other in a proper sequence. It determines the conflict of the story. It has a proper start and an ending. You must have a well-rounded plot with each element of the plot given the same attention and clarity.

CHARACTERS: must be gripping, memorable, and interesting.

Avoid Plagiarism

Be creative and original in your ideas. There are many software’s in the computer that can easily detect what you have copy-pasted and can put you in serious trouble.


Writers are constantly struggling with a range of confusing emotions and thoughts which makes writing a challenging process.

The next big challenge writers face is self-editing. All manuscripts before getting printed go through extensive cuts which are known as editing. Editing is the art of refining a text. Editor’s lookout for the gaps and issues in the narratives. Hiring a professional editor can be the best choice in this regard. On the other hand, there are many online editing services present for example Scribe room which covers everything from basic grammatical errors to the review of story narrative, development, characterization, sentence structure, etc. that too at an affordable price.


No narrative is perfect from the get-go. Even if you feel you have completed editing you still need a proofreader. People confuse editing and proofreading as the same thing but it differs. A proofreader scans the errors in language consistency, layout, typesetting, and formatting that the copy editor might have missed.  For this purpose, you can hire a traditional proofreader or you may opt for online services available for example Scribe room, it offers error-free and impactful proofreading services along with editing, publishing, and marketing for beginners.


The last and important step that concludes a writing process is getting your work published and marketed.

Publishing can be done in various ways. You can self-publish your book on Amazon. You may also hire traditional publishers and go for publishing companies that require you to pay for it. On the other hand, you can also trust online services for example Scribe room. Scribe book promotions make it easy for us to achieve this target without putting in personal effort.


What follows next is book marketing. Without proper marketing strategies, your book will never become the talk of the town. There are numerous marketing channels available online and offline, for instance, paid and free advertisements, launching a team, and online services with their own distributors available. With Scribe book promotions you can get your book published and marketed within the comfort of your own home.