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9 of Malaysia’s unique and most gorgeous places to visit

Malaysia is a fascinating place full of diverse cultures, customs, and religions that embody diversity. Malaysia is a nation of thirteen and in southeastern Asia is considered to be one of the world’s most stable multicultural areas. If you want to seek the best experience, including the lovely landscapes and vibrant cities, you won’t want to miss this place.

There are 9 places to visit in Malaysia Tour Package which are best and most interesting. Those are chosen by hand for travelers who are looking for a great time here.

  1. Cameron Highlands

The lovely Cameron Highlands is a picturesque mountain region located in Pahang State. In comparison to the rest of tropical Malaysia, the coolest temperature of Cameron Highland is between 22 and 13°C. It is thus an ideal refuge away from the busy urban life.

Cameron Highlands is known for its tea plantations, strawberry farm, and lavender gardens and has luscious green hills. You can contact nature and even experience hands-on picking tea and fresh strawberries. This is where you can contact nature. Take a scenic tour to Gunung Brinchang and the Mozy Trees, for nature lovers and walks.

  1. Ipoh

In the state of Perak is Ipoh, a town of ancient colonial charm. Take a 6.5-kilometer walk along the Ipoh Heritage Walk. The architecture that still shines with hues of ancient grandeur and colonial heritage will captivate you here quickly. When you delve into Ipoh’s roots, you will find that Ipoh wasn’t such a long-time village.

Then visit Tambun Cave for those who are interested in Ipoh’s history. This cave contains the oldest cave pictures of the Neolithic country which date back five thousand years ago.

  1. Kota Kinabalu

In the northern part of the island of Borneo in Kota Kinabalu. Mountain Kinabalu is situated at 13,000 feet above sea level, the holiest mountain.

The town provides a number of attractions, apart from visiting Kota Kinabalu at the great heights of Mount Kinabalu. These include the famous street markets, the Kota Kinabalu City Mosque on the waterfront, the beautiful beaches of Tanjung Aru, and numerous new shopping malls.

If these all look too worldly, then take a tour of the Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park island-hopping adventure or go hop on the old school North Borneo Railway to the countryside of the Sabah. These two events are now one of the most famous attractions.

  1. Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is Malaysia’s capital, and that’s where the party’s life starts. The city is high in speed with high skyscrapers and is also distinctive in terms of its ethnic and cultural mix of influences from China, India, and Malaysia which are not seen in many other countries.

If you’re interested in the cultural side of this area, visit Petaling Lane, the Chinatown, or Little India brickfields, the capital’s official Little India. To experience the essence of this multicultural area, visit the vibrant night markets like the Night Market of Taman Connaught and the Market of Kampung Baru.

  1. Langkawi

Kedah, on the west coast of Malaysia, is Langkawi. This duty-free island is popular for its tourism and beach resorts. Langkawi also fascinates nature lovers with its vast mangrove forests, wilderness, and mountaineering, as well as being one of the well-known spots for marine enthusiasts. Langkawi was actually elected to UNESCO in 2007.

The stunning combination of wooded hills and white sandy beaches reaching into the clear turquoise sea has turned the island into one of the best places to take a holiday. Pantai Cenang, Pantai Kok, Pantai Tengah, Pasir Sands, Pasir Tengkorak, Tanjung Rhu, and Datai Bay are some of the most popular beaches in Langkawi.

  1. Malacca

Malacca, Southwest of Malaysia is a must-see area. It is an official UNESCO World Patrimony which is renowned for its rich history and cultural influences. Take a stroll along Jonker Street and you’ll see the past and culture of Malacca. There are many stores, stalls, vintage food, and fascinating local delights lined on the vibrant street and red-brick architecture. Take time to discover the importance of historical sites such as the church of St Paul, St Paul’s Hill, A’Famosa Fortress, and Stadthuys. This is all Malacca’s important history.

  1. Penang

Penang is potentially one of Malaysia’s best towns to visit in the northwest. Even the “Crazy Rich Asians” of Hollywood was shot there! It’s such a gem.

The famous George Town, rich in culture, arts, and history, is located in Penang. Take a stroll around the city and the delightful street arts that come up everywhere will surprise you. These artworks were commissioned by the municipal council of Penang to make the traditional district enjoyable and humorous. As a result, not just more visitors but also the media from all over the world were attracted.

  1. Pangkor Island

The beach island of Pangkor is situated on Malaysia’s west coast. There are many sports on the Island, such as snorkeling, fishing, and hopping on the island. The beaches such as Emerald Bay, Pasir Bogak, Teluk Nipah, and Coral Bay are known.

Pangkor provides hiking opportunities even to those who prefer land sports, as the island is mountainous. Pangkor’s highest point reaches more than 1200 m. (Pangkor Hills). The Teluk Segadas Hill and Titi Ganung also offer jungle trails to nature enthusiasts.

  1. Pulau Sipadan

Pulau Sipadan is one of Malaysia’s best natural tourist destinations and one of the world’s top dives. The island is located in the lovely Sabah, a Malaysian Eastern Province. It is also the only oceanic island with a volcanic origin in Malaysia. The island stands 600 meters from the seafloor and is renowned for its vast aquatic life, including barracuda, dogtooth tuna, diabolical rays, grey-tipped sharks, and hammerheads.

In order to protect the delicate environment, authorities impose limits on the number of divers allowed in the region that applies daily to foreign marine enthusiasts and avid divers.

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